Designer Jodi Moylan Dishes on Daniel Island, Dresses & Charleston Fashion Week!

March 17, 2010

Last year alone, Jodi Moylan attended more than 25 weddings…

But that’s part of what sets this Daniel Island resident, bridal designer and boutique owner apart from her competition. She becomes friends with her clients, so much so that more often than not she’s invited to watch as her dresses sway down the aisle at her clients’ weddings.

Jodi and her husband Tom moved to Daniel Island almost ten years ago, not long after development of the island first began. As Daniel Island continued to grow, so did Jodi’s love of its island lifestyle. She and Tom moved out of their apartment on River Landing Drive and purchased a home in the Pierce Park neighborhood. Then, three years ago, Jodi opened her high-end bridal boutique White on Seven Farms Drive, proving that Daniel Island is really a place where you can live, work and play!

We recently sat down with Jodi to ask her some questions about life on Daniel Island, her amazing bridal lines, White Couture and Yoyo, and being involved in Charleston Fashion Week (taking place this week in downtown Charleston). See what she has to say!

What is your favorite thing about living on Daniel Island?

Jodi: We stayed on Daniel Island because we liked how it kept growing and growing. New people were constantly moving to the island and new businesses were opening all the time. I love that we can walk and bike almost everywhere, including to my store. And our neighbors became our closest friends. We are really social and love that we can just walk next door and relax with friends. Our social life is here.


White on Daniel Island

Tell us about White and your bridal designs.

Jodi: I’m a workaholic. I start at 8:00 am and go until 10:00 pm. That’s another great thing about living so close to the store! I’m there constantly, unless I need to leave to run errands during the day, and  then I’m there most nights, too. I love my designs — I love being creative and crafty! I’ll add handmade bows and flowers, buttons, feathers and ruffles as creative details to my dresses. I love being “girly.” And I just started a new bridesmaid line called Yoyo. I create the designs and all of the sewing is done by my seamstress, who lives right across the street from the store on Daniel Island. Her work is incredible!

How many years have you been involved in Charleston Fashion Week and what keeps you going back?

Jodi: I’ve been doing Charleston Fashion Week for three years. My bridal line has gotten such great exposure from Fashion Week and it’s really great to see all of the local talent in Charleston. This year Carol-Hannah Whitfield from Project Runaway is introducing her bridal line, so it will be great to be in the “Bridal Couture Show” with her. The staff at Charleston Magazine, which organizes the event each year, are so professional and organized —  they really do a great job!

White dress

White Couture bridal gown designed by Jodi Moylan

What sets you and White apart from other bridal designers and boutiques?

Jodi: Some people would say the Martini and Champagne bar I built in the store! But I really think that my low-pressure and laid back personality really puts a bride at ease. I’m not a car salesman, pushing them to buy any dress. I’m there to help them find the perfect dress. And I love my job!

For more information about Charleston Fashion Week and the Bridal Couture Show on Saturday, March 20, click HERE.