Use Your Green Thumb To Increase Your Home’s Value

March 12, 2015

By Rick Horger
Daniel Island Real Estate

Some homeowners think the best way to add value to their home
is through interior updates – wiring for audio, video and data,
upgrading the kitchen cabinets, new carpet, etc. But if you really
want to add lasting value to your Daniel Island home, opt for
landscaping. If done correctly, the addition of trees, shrubs, plants,
paths, lighting, and outdoor living spaces and patios can increase
the value of your property by up to 20%.

But how much should you spend to get your desired result of
increased home value? According to the American Society of
Landscape Architects (ASLA), you should invest 5 to 10% of your
home’s value on landscaping. While this sounds expensive, it’s easy
to tackle your landscaping strategy in phases. Remember, you
don’t have to do it all at once!

First, you need to make a realistic budget. As a rule, you can
expect to save half the cost of landscaping if you do the work
yourself. But we all don’t have a green thumb! If you don’t or you
can’t transport plants and materials correctly, you will likely need
to hire a professional or keep the project small and manageable.
Next, look at blogs, books and magazines. Start a fi le, folder or
even a Pinterest board where you can save inspirations that you
find for your landscaping – plants, trees, gardens, patios, decks
and outdoor living spaces that catch your eye.

Hire a professional, if you can. The first rule for hiring a new
vendor or contractor is to interview several potential companies
and check their references. Landscaping is a big business in the
Lowcountry and there are hundreds of firms and businesses to
choose from. You want to make sure you find the right one
for you! Also, ask your friends, family and neighbors for
their recommendations.

One last thing to consider before you start your landscaping
(i.e. “increasing home value”) projects. Don’t forget your lifestyle.
If you don’t enjoy working in the yard or garden, make sure your
plant selections are low maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll need
regular maintenance from your landscaping company to make
sure everything stays happy and healthy!

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Rick Horger’s connection to Daniel Island goes back close to the beginning of the island’s development when he first visited in 1998 as a part of the Tom Fazio design team hired to design the Beresford Creek Course. His background in landscape architecture, paired with a degree in real estate fi nance, made him a perfect fi t for the project. “At Fazio, we always talked about how cool it would be to work on the design of a golf course, then be able to stay on to hear about how much folks enjoy it…and to see the course mature and become a part of its place and setting. Coming on board to sell property on the island at Daniel Island Real Estate, I have, in some ways, been able to live that dream!”