Small Home Improvement Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

April 1, 2017

Spring is here! We’ve been waiting months for consistently warm
 weather so we can spend more time outside. But spring isn’t just a great time to enjoy
outdoor activities. It’s also a great time to think about small home
improvement projects that won’t break the bank but will add value 
to your Charleston real estate investment, especially for anyone who might be considering a 
move in the near future…

Here are a few easy areas to concentrate on that will really make 
an impact on your home but won’t strain your wallet:

The Kitchen, The Heart of Your Home

Everyone always ends up in the kitchen during parties and family 
gatherings. It’s important to make sure the space is clean, updated,
 functional and inviting. Small upgrades can make a difference!

  • Consider replacing the door pulls on your cabinets for an
 updated look.
  • Consider installing a more modern sink faucet.
  • Add or replace light fixtures. You might have recessed lights, but
 consider adding some pendant lighting over the island.
  • Consider recovering the seat cushions at the kitchen table.
  • What color is the kitchen? Is it calm and inviting? A neutral color 
can go a long way to opening up a space.
  • If you don’t have a tile backsplash, consider adding one that
 complements your countertops.

Beautify the Bathrooms

These small but important rooms get a lot of use so don’t ignore them!

  • Consider installing a new vanity or mirror.
  • Replace old toilets and/or toilet seats.
  • Update the light fixtures.
  • Replace the shower curtain.

Redefine Existing Spaces & Brighten Tired Spaces

It’s important that guests (and potential buyers!) feel welcomed
 when they visit your home. And the way a room feels can either 
be inviting or depressing. By adding accessories or changing the
 functionality of certain rooms, you can make sure your home is
 welcoming for family and friends!

  • Increase light bulb wattage in darker rooms with no natural
 light. Add dimmers in areas where you want more ambiance, 
like the dining room.
  • Add new accent pillows or throws as the seasons change for
 pops of color.
  • If a room looks too cramped, you may consider the amount of
 furniture in the room or its scale. If the furniture is too large for
 the space, considering downsizing or removing a few pieces.
  • Consider turning a playroom into another bedroom. This will 
add resale value to your home when the time comes to sell.

Small steps can really help protect and showcase your Charleston real estate investment. Contact a Daniel Island Real Estate sales associate for further suggestions!