Daniel Island Listing Brochure | Questions To Ask
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Selecting a professional partner to guide you in the assessment and sale of your property is an important decision. It can mean the difference between achieving your expectations for pricing and selling timeframe…and not. Examining the experience, track record and professional resources of the agent and their brokerage company should be an expected part of any interview process. So should a business-like discussion of your goals and an action plan to achieve them:


Why are you considering selling? • What’s your time frame? • What are your pricing expectations?
What flexibility do you have? • What’s your next move?


  1. How long has the company (or agent) been in residential real estate sales? Is it a full-time job or part-time vocation? Experience is mostly learned on the job in our business.
  2. Does the company have a non-island presence as a way to intercept interested visitors to the island? Are they visible and prominent at important island events such as the Family Circle Cup?
  3. Is the agent knowledgeable about Daniel Island, its amenities, lifestyle, protective community covenants and governance, and other unique selling points? Can they express that information accurately and in a manner that adds perceived value to your property?
  4. How many Daniel Island properties did the agent and brokerage company sell during the last 12 months?
  5. How many days has it taken them to sell the average home or homesite in the past year? How many days for properties in a price range comparable to yours? How does that compare to the overall market?
  6. What will the agent and/or brokerage company do to generate buyers for your Daniel Island property? Can they outline specific marketing strategies?
  7. Does the agent have an understanding of what’s currently working to generate inquiries and buyers? Does the agent know where buyers are coming from?
  1. How many agents in the brokerage company will also be knowledgeable about your property and actively seeking buyers for it?
  2. Will the agent represent you exclusively as the seller, or represent both the buyer and the seller in the transaction?
  3. How close were the final sale prices to the initial asking prices of the homes sold by the agent and brokerage company?
  4. Can the agent recommend other service providers to help you prepare your home for market, such as an appraiser, inspector, real estate attorney, home repair tradespeople, cleaning services, landscaping services, etc.?
  5. How deep and knowledgeable are the team resources and support network behind the agent? What supervision does the agent have?
  6. What is the agent’s system for providing you feedback on showings of your property? In what manner and how frequently will you be informed of the progress in selling your property?
  7. Will the agent provide the contact information for you to speak with their most recent clients?

Download our comprehensive checklist to prepare your property for sale.

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