Q&A With The Daniel Island Club’s New Director Of Golf

February 19, 2014

The Daniel Island Club, known for its outstanding nationally-ranked golf courses and private club amenities, has a new Director of Golf. Chris Edwards joined the Daniel Island Club staff this month, and is quickly becoming another friendly face at the club and around the neighborhood as he gets to know members and island residents.

Chris has been a Class A member of the PGA of America for 15 years. He spent the last 12 years as the Head Professional at The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek, and previously was the Head Professional at the Atlanta Athletic Club under Rick Anderson, during which time he helped host the PGA Championship.

We asked Chris how he got where he is today in his golf career. Here’s what he had to say:

MIT: Where did you start your career?
CE: I started my golfing career at the Atlanta Athletic Club in 1995. I had gone to the Director of Golf, Rick Anderson, and informed him I would give him five years to teach me the business of golf. After he stopped chuckling, he started me out as a marshal, running a 27 hole rotation.

MIT: Were you a pretty decent golfer at the time?
CE: That depends on how you define decent. I had never taken the game too seriously growing up so my game was mediocre at best. Once it became clear I would need some skills to become a PGA member, I realized I had a problem. However, I practiced hard for the next month, consulted my Zen inner self, and by some small miracle passed the test on the first try. I was immediately promoted to the bag room.

MIT: You were working your way up the ladder?
CE: Yes, It took me about a year in the bag room before a space became available in the shop. The experience of working in every area of that operation was invaluable and I passed through the levels of the PGA apprenticeship to become a class A member in 1998. I became Head Professional after four years.

MIT: What was the highlight of your time at the Atlanta Athletic Club?
CE: Hosting the 2001 PGA Championship was an incredible experience. We worked closely with an onsite director for about two years prior to the event. The detail for a tournament that size was overwhelming. I was able to observe the systematic execution of ‘the plan’ from toilets to tees, as they say.

MIT: How did you end up in South Carolina?
CE: I interviewed for the Head Professional job at Golf Club at Briar’s Creek on Johns Island. Going from 2,200 members in Atlanta to around 40 At Briar’s Creek was a shock to the system, but I embraced the silence and have enjoyed being involved in developing the club’s culture of service and golf programs for 12 years.

MIT: What have you enjoyed most about Daniel Island so far?
CE: I truly have been overly impressed with the staff at the Daniel Island Club. Their dedication to the members’ experience here has made the biggest impression on me. I really look forward to working with such a talented team.

MIT: What do you hope to accomplish at the Daniel Island Club?
CE: I believe my experience and enthusiasm will benefit club members, and I hope that members feel comfortable approaching me about ideas and suggestions as the club continues to grow.

MIT: Do you have any family?
CE: I have a wife, Katie, and a two year old daughter, Georgie Grey with a little sister, Beckett, due at the end of May. My family and I are extremely excited to be a part of the team here!