New School Year Brings Changes for Daniel Island Students

August 16, 2016

There are some exciting things happening at the Daniel Island School, the on-island elementary and middle school for island residents. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the school is welcoming students this week with a new principal and big plans to further integrate STEAM programming into its curriculum. Meanwhile, construction is underway on a brand-new high school on the neighboring Cainhoy peninsula that will serve Daniel Island students in 9th through 12th grades.

Kori Brown, who has served as the Daniel Island School Vice Principal for the past three years, is the new Principal at the Daniel Island School. She’ll be taking the lead to further introduce STEAM programming throughout the school’s curriculum to enhance its already well-regarded learning environment for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. With a distinct focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and math, STEAM programing is a progressive, non-traditional educational approach that aims to prepare students for high-tech careers in Charleston and beyond.

STEAM programming is also being introduced at the brand-new Philip Simmons Elementary and Middle school, located off of Clements Ferry Road on the nearby Cainhoy peninsula. With new families continuing to move onto Daniel Island — and more development coming soon on Cainhoy — the attendance lines for the area’s schools were re-drawn last year, and construction began on new schools that will allow room for growth. Philip Simmons Elementary and Middle School is now open and is serving non-island residents who have been rezoned. The school’s academic focus will be similar to that of the Daniel Island School’s, and in fact it will be the first in Berkeley County to fully-integrate STEAM programming throughout its curriculum.

Both the Daniel Island School and the new Philip Simmons Elementary/Middle School will feed into Philip Simmons High School, which is under construction now and scheduled to open next year at this time. The new high school will be a convenient location for students on Daniel Island, who currently attend Hanahan High School, a school that is near capacity, and a six-mile commute from Daniel Island over the over the Cooper River.


With these changes underway, Daniel Island students continue to have the opportunity for exceptional educational experiences right in their backyard, and our neighbors on Cainhoy have state-of-the-art new facilities to meet the needs of our growing communities.