Meet Renegade: March’s Top Dog of Daniel Island

April 14, 2017

We are pleased to announce the March winner for the Dogs of Daniel Island photo contest. Renegade, a bright-eyed Australian Shepherd, was the finalist who received the most votes on the My Island Town Facebook page. He’ll receive a $25 gift card to Lucia’s Premium Pet and will be featured in the Daniel Island News and on social media.

Renegade has garnered lots of attention as one of our most “handsome” contestants, and he is certainly the best-dressed!  We wanted to learn more about this dapper doggie, so we caught up with his owner, Chelsea, to find out more:

How did Renegade come to join your family?
Renegade joined our family after I graduated from my Master’s program. We had waited for years and the right time to add an Australian Shepherd to the family, and he was my dad’s graduation gift to me!

When/how did Renegade come to be a dog of Daniel Island?
Renegade moved to Daniel Island almost three years ago! We relocated from Ohio for love!

What are some of Renegade’s favorite ways to spend time on Daniel Island?
Renegade’s favorite thing to do is walk anywhere and everywhere on the island. He especially enjoys Smythe Park and watching the ducks. He’s also learning to enjoy going out to lunch on Sundays at DIG.

What do you like about having a dog on Daniel Island?
We love how dog- and walking-friendly the entire island is. There’s always a new route to take for a morning walk.

What is Renegade’s favorite treat, toy or game?
Renegade’s favorite game to play is hide-and-go-seek. He (patiently) tries to wait on the bed or couch while either my husband or I run and hide somewhere in the house. We usually look and sound insane, but it’s a blast.

Tell us more about your photo submission?
Renegade was all dressed up in his new Valentine’s Day tie for this picture!

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest?
All the dogs here have great personalities – taking a picture of them being their funny selves seems to work!

How will Renegade celebrate being March’s Dog of Daniel Island?
He’ll most likely celebrate by going to Lucia’s to pick out a new chew or toy, or for a long walk!

Is there a favorite story or fact about Renegade that you’d like to share?
Renegade absolutely LOVES to FaceTime with my family in Ohio. He knows the specific ringing of the phone or computer and comes running to put his face in the camera. He usually whines or makes other Aussie-noises when they talk to him, but he always parks himself right in front whenever we’re talking.

Renegade looks very dapper, in his tie. Does he often enjoy dressing up?
Haha! He has a few ties and bowties that he wears for special occasions! He also put up with us putting a tux on him at one point. He doesn’t mind it now that he’s older!

Submissions for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest seem to get better and better with each passing month – we’re so happy to see so many owners and pets participating! Do you have a dog who enjoys living and playing on Daniel Island? We want to see your best friend’s best shot! Entries are now being accepted for April’s Dogs of Daniel Island photo contest. Click here for entry details and submit your photos to