Meet Harper: September’s Top Dog of Daniel Island

October 11, 2017

The votes are in and Harper has been crowned September’s Top Dog! Harper loves being a Daniel Island dog and, especially, exploring the island’s dog park! We talked with her owner Andrea to find out more about this adorable 11 month old beagle:

How did Harper come to join your family?

We have always had Labrador retrievers. After my oldest daughter got her first beagle, I just fell in love with the breed. Since I knew I was going to be relocating to a smaller place, I wanted to get a smaller dog. I began doing a lot of research on smaller breeds, and beagles and basenjis were the best match for what I was looking for, but since I had already fallen in love with my grand-pup, I stuck with that!  I got her from someone in the Upstate, and she was one out of a litter of four females. There was just something about her, and she is just awesome!

When/how did Harper come to be a dog of Daniel Island?

Harper became a dog of Daniel Island when I moved onto the island in March of this year.  I have worked on Daniel Island since 2011 and decided to make it my home.

What are some of Harper’s favorite ways to spend time on Daniel Island?

She loves to go on walks, tries to chase the ducks at the pond, and chases and plays with the crabs along the waterfront trails. She has to smell EVERYTHING; it’s a beagle thing!!  She also loves to spend time at the dog park with some of her other beagle buddies.

What do you like about having a dog on Daniel Island?

There are so many places to take her to walk, and I love that. It’s relaxing, peaceful and quiet, and there are a lot of dogs on the island, so it is very dog-friendly — that makes life so much better!

What is Harper’s favorite treat, toy or game?

Her favorite treats are fresh mangos and bananas. She loves to play fetch, but only with a certain ball, and she also loves to play tug-of-war with sticks with her best friend, Bella.

Tell us more about your photo submission?

This photo was taken at her very first visit to the dog park with her doggy friends, Bella, Lucy and Shadow.  She had a blast, and we have tried to make it a regular thing!

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest?

Keep submitting them; don’t give up, and pick one of your very favorites!

How will Harper celebrate being September’s Dog of Daniel Island?

Since we received the news on her first birthday, she will celebrate her birthday and being September’s Top Dog with a dog cake I am going to make. Hoping it turns out good, but she’d eat it no matter what, so I guess it doesn’t really matter! She will also wear her new collar with pride!

Is there a favorite story or fact about Harper that you’d like to share?

I learned while at the dog park that she is VERY fast and loves to chase other dogs. However, if they chase her — and actually catch her — she makes a noise that sounds like a walrus or a seal at them!  It’s quite funny!

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