Daniel Island Resident Gives Holiday Thanks

December 29, 2011

Reprinted with permission by The Daniel Island News
Letters to the Editor
December 15, 201

Christmas as an experience is often very different from the way I envision it in my romantic mind’s eye. Recently though, I had a wonderful treat – an evening with friends on Daniel Island that summed up for me the good things about living on Daniel Island and also helped me to get into the Christmas spirit. It made me think about how the design and texture of a town help make the community what it is. We all know that we live in a fabulously beautiful place. We are incredibly lucky to have a quality school that many of us center our lives around. We have sidewalks, bike trails, pools, parks, lots of green space, playgrounds and even a dog park. Our children run around freely, bicycle to their friends’, the parks and school – something that I marvel at each and every day. We have a library with a staff that is truly dedicated, informative, knowledgeable and helpful.

In fact we have so many interesting, talented and wonderful people living here, I have to pinch myself and ask: “Is this a fairy tale town or actually what a well thought out and planned community looks like?” Do the beauty and thoughtfulness attract more of the same? Frank Lloyd Wright once said: “If you foolishly ignore beauty, you’ll soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you wisely invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”

On a recent Friday night I felt as though I had gone to heaven….. or at least to a small village in Europe (which for me would be heaven). After watching the Daniel Island tree lighting and entertainment with my kids, husband and friends and munching on some surprisingly good chili, we decided to continue the holiday reveling and go have a glass of cheer at the nearby Irish pub. The pub was bubbling over with people but we were comfortably seated and we easily made room for more friends as they joined us. The children were welcomed and we were able to settle them at tables in different groups around us – far enough that the older kids had a little autonomy though still within view. The pub was teeming with friends and familiar faces – including some of our children’s teachers and even our principal.

My happiness was at its peak when my niece, her husband and their beautiful little ones, also DI locals, popped in for a beer, spying us in the window as they were out for an evening stroll to enjoy the newly lighted tree. What could be more heavenly or Christmassy?

As we made merry, catching up with good friends – our children nearby and happy, familiar faces, loving family, teachers and neighbors all around me in a neighborhood pub, I felt like I was in the greatest little pub, in the greatest little town on earth.

It is a beautiful life on Daniel Island and I am truly grateful!

Jacqueline Gowe
Daniel Island