Daniel Island School Students Stand Up Against Bullying

February 29, 2012

Hundreds of Daniel Island School students, teachers and parents gathered at Smythe Park for an anti-bullying rally that concluded the school’s “Stand Up to Bullying Month.” Children in grades K–8 wore pink t-shirts (donated by the school PTA) that said, in bold letters: “I Stood Up.” A petition against bullying was printed on the backs of the shirts and individually signed by each student.

Joining forces to make a strong anti-bullying statement, the children joined hands and surrounded the entire perimeter of Daniel Island’s 11-acre Smythe Park lake. The upbeat event included music, dancing and lots of positive camaraderie.

Fortunately, bullying problems at Daniel Island School have been few, but school officials hope to keep it that way through educational events and activities like this one!