D.I. Beacons Help You Locate Daniel Island Real Estate for Sale

March 11, 2015

One of the hottest industry trends predicted by real estate experts for 2015 has already debuted here on Daniel Island. Daniel Island Real Estate is proud to be the first in the Lowocountry to introduce beacon technology. Our new “D.I. Beacons” give us an innovative new way to showcase properties for sale within our community.

D.I. Beacons take advantage of advanced Bluetooth technology to automatically alert you via your mobile device when you are in range of actively listed properties. Small, portable “beacons” that are placed on homes or properties listed for sale by Daniel Island Real Estate send off signals that trigger push notifications on compatible smartphones or tablets that pass from within a few feet to up to 100 feet away. Those notifications then direct you to specific online information about the listing.

To receive the mobile notifications, you must have the latest Bluetooth technology enabled on your Apple device, and have the Daniel Island Real Estate D.I. Beacon app downloaded to your device (available in the Apple “App Store”). An Android version of the product will be available soon.

Enabled with D.I. Beacons, our listings are now easily showcased to savvy buyers who are increasingly using technology in their search for real estate. And for sellers, the technology provides a leg up in a market that is becoming increasingly active. To download the D.I. Beacon app, click here. For further information on how you can take advantage of our beacon technology to help find or sell property on Daneil Island, contact your Daniel Island Real Estate sales associate today!