How can I rent the Pierce Park Pavilion, Crow’s Nest or the Scott Park Pool?

For information about renting the any of these amenities for a special event, please contact the POA office at 843-971-9200.


How do I find out the exterior colors on my existing home?

Though the Daniel Island CC&Rs do not prohibit short term rentals (1-29 days) specifically, the City ordinance regarding short term rentals do pertain to Daniel Island and must be adhered to. Additional Information can be found on the City of Charleston website HERE. The entirety of Daniel Island (and all of the parts of the City of Charleston in Berkeley County, along with other areas) are in Residential Category 3 under the regulations.


How do I find out the exterior colors on my existing home?

To find out the exterior colors of your home, please contact Lisa Avant at or 843.971.9200.


I would like to make exterior changes to my home. What is the process?

Please use the ARB Modification Application (download here) to make any exterior modifications including landscape changes, pool additions, etc. The form should be submitted to Mary Stuart Sutton, ARB Administrator. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Stuart at


How do I sign up for recycling?

A curbside recycling program is offered through Republic Services. The cost is $45 a quarter for single-stream curbside recycling pick-up. To set up an account, please contact Republic Services at (843) 873-4810.


How do I get a trashcan?

The City of Charleston Environmental Services Division can provide you with a trashcan. Call them at 843.724.7364, provide your name, address, phone number and email address, and let them know you would like to receive a trashcan at your home. They will contact you regarding delivery.


Does the City of Charleston Environmental Services Division pick up Florescent Light Bulbs, Microwaves or Mattresses?

The City of Charleston Environmental Services Division does not puck up light bulbs or microwaves. Microwaves are considered e-waste. They will pick up mattresses if they are notified in advance


Who do I contact for a replacement mailbox?

Please contact the POA office at 843.971.9200 and let them know the reason for the request for a replacement mailbox. If you leave your name, address, phone number and email, the POA Field Operations Staff will come to your property and assess the damage. The present cost of a replacement mailbox is $400.


Who maintains the street trees?

The City of Charleston Urban Forestry Division maintains the street trees. Should you have any contacts, you can contact Danny Burbage, Assistant Director of Parks for the City of Charleston, at 843.724.7416 or


Do Daniel Island residents get any discounts or free tickets to concerts at the Volvo Cars Stadium?

Yes, quite often the promoters of the concerts at the Volvo Cars Stadium will offer pre-sale discount tickets to Daniel island residents. This is not the case for every concert but certainly many.


How do I get tickets to concerts at the Volvo Cars Stadium?

To purchase tickets to concerts at the Volvo Cars Stadium, please click here.


Where do I sign my kids up for camps (soccer, art, kiddie, etc.) on Daniel Island?

The Daniel Island POA offers several kids’ camps (ages 3 – 5) and swim camps (ages 6+) each summer at the Crow’s Nest and Edgefield Pool. The City of Charleston Recreational Department and Bishop England High School offers additional sports camps. Check out the Calendar of Events to search for available camps.


Where can I get a map of Daniel Island?

A current map of the island can be picked up at the Daniel Island POA office at 130 River Landing Drive, the Daniel Island Sales & Welcome Center at 101 River Landing Drive or download here.


Where can I get information about home and apartment rentals on Daniel Island?

Contact the Daniel Island Sales and Information office at 843.971.7100 or, or visit their office at 101 River Landing Drive


What do I do if I see an alligator in one of the ponds?

Contact POA Field Operations Manager Chris Hamil at 843.696.3496 or by email at Provide a description of the alligator (approximate length and any special behavior you may have noted) and the exact pond location. It is also very helpful – if you are comfortable and in a safe position – to take a photo of the alligator and attach the picture to your email.


Who should I call about mosquito problems?

The mission of the Mosquito Abatement Department is to use integrated approaches in developing and applying mosquito management strategies which are effective, economical and practical, and which are protective of human health and the environment. Mosquito Abatement Program: 843-719-4646


How can I access the community boat landings?

To gain access to these facilities, download the appropriate forms below and deliver them to Dani Hermann at the Daniel Island POA office. Email Dani if you have any questions:


How do I rent kayaks or stand up paddleboards?

The Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association offers Stand Up Paddle and Kayak rentals for island residents and their guests. This is a great way to experience the island and its natural beauty. The POA has (3) sit-on-top single kayaks, (3) sit-on-top tandem kayaks and (4) stand up paddleboards (SUP). We offer 4 hour or 24 hour rentals, SUP lessons and gift certificates. contact the POA office at (843) 971-9200 for more information.


When is pool season?

The pool season is generally spring through fall. Typically, the pools at Pierce Park and Edgefield Park have longer seasons that the Scott Park pool. These dates are determined on a year-to-year basis depending on several influencing factors. The dates are announced to the community prior to opening via the Daniel Island POA website and e-newsletter.


How do I rent a park area on the island for a party?

Please contact the Daniel Island POA office for information about park rentals. 843.971.9200 or


Can I have a yard sale?

While individual garage sales are not allowed on Daniel Island per the Covenants, residents are given the opportunity and encourage to participate each fall and spring in the Community Wide Red Balloon Yard Sales. Please contact the POA office for future dates.