Street Light Maintenance

Our street lights not only illuminate our beautiful island, but they also provide safety for our residents, businesses and guests. To maintain the lights – and our safety – we would like to share two important tips with everyone:

  1. Burned Out Street Light Bulbs: We encourage residents to contact South Carolina Electrical & Gas (SCE&G) at 1-800-251-7234 to notify them of an outage. When you call, please provide the customer service representative with the SCE&G pole number found on the silver tag on the pole itself.
  2. Painting Globes with Black Out Paint – Not Allowed: Per the City of Charleston, neither a resident nor SCE&G is to paint the lamp post globes with black-out paint. The only appropriate measure a resident is to take to diffuse the light is to contact SCE&G at 1-800-251-7234 and ask them to install a metal shield. If you see a street light with black-out paint, please email Marie Delcioppo at with the SCE&G pole number, and she will contact SCE&G to replace the globe and install a shield. The metal shields diffuse the light while continuing to safely light our streets and, at the same time, maintain the beauty and integrity of our community.

We appreciate everyone’s support in keeping our island safe and beautiful for all to enjoy.