Safety Alert

On Friday 5/3/19, the Daniel Island POA was made aware of an unidentified granular substance which had been randomly spread on streets, sidewalks, private yards, and a POA park in the general vicinity of Ithecaw Creek Street, Brailsford, Lesesne, and Chimney Back streets. Upon review of a sample of the substance, it has been determined that the DIPOA and its landscape contractors do not use this product. After receiving this information regarding this issue, the Daniel Island POA reached out to other landscape and veterinarian professionals, (Possum’s Landscape Supply, Clemson University Extension, and the Daniel Island Animal Hospital) to help identify the substance or provide information in addressing any potential reactions to pets or residents. A police report has been filed.

At this time, we have not been able to positively identify the product nor the party involved in its dispersal. We encourage all residents to monitor their pets and surroundings for this material (see picture). As a precaution, if your pet or family member accidentally ingests any of this product, we encourage you to seek medical or veterinarian services immediately.

If you see any granular debris in the community that resembles this picture, please email Chris Hamil, Daniel Island POA Field Operations Manager at with an exact location and a picture as well.