Reporting Garbage and Yard Debris Not Collected

The Daniel Island POA office would like to remind all owners that if they encounter missed garbage or yard debris collection, they should contact the City of Charleston Environmental Services Department directly via their online reporting system to report when garbage or yard debris is not collected. The City has stated that this is the preferred method of reporting garbage not collected. Garbage and yard debris are normally picked up on Mondays with the exception of special holiday schedule changes.

Whether your complaint is that no pick up occurred or that partial pickup occurred, the protocol for reporting both is the same – to use the City’s online reporting system.

To report that your trash or yard debris was not collected, click the link below to connect directly to the City’s online reporting system:…/…/RequestOpen.aspx…

The City of Charleston link below includes additional information on Garbage Collection: 

*Note: Using this reporting method to create a work order/record tracks your submission for reporting your address when your garbage or yard debris has not been collected.

When the POA receives calls from residents regarding garbage not collected, the office follows the City’s reporting system. The POA explains to the resident the importance of reporting their individual address to the City of Charleston via the online system. Below is how the Property Owners’ Association office answers calls from residents regarding questions on Garbage or Yard Debris not collected:

  • The POA office provides the online link (noted above) to the City’s website to report the missed pickup. The POA office has included this information and link on the POA website and the POA Facebook page. This method has accountability, is documented, and creates a work order that is sent to that particular department at the City by the resident. The resident will receive an automatic reply back after they submit, so that they know the City received their complaint. A phone call is not as reliable a method of reporting an issue to the City.
  • The POA staff also explains to the resident where this information resides on the POA website and how to use the link that directs them to the City website where they can report the matter electronically.
  • The POA office serves as an intermediary between the residents and the City. The POA staff is not tasked with the removal of trash or yard debris. The City’s responsibility per the contract that they hold with Republic Services is to pick up garbage and yard debris.

It is vitally important that the resident submit the online complaint so that it creates a record/work order and can identify an area/areas of concern and the address of where the problem occurred.  If a resident experiences a garbage or yard debris issue that is not being addressed by the City, they should communicate with the City AND the POA.  Jointly, we hopefully can get the issue resolved. Reporting the issue only to the POA office creates a delay for resolution, lack of accountability by the City, and communication back to the owner isn’t streamlined which delays the complaint from being resolved. Residents are often confused and are under the impression that the POA office controls the City of Charleston services for garbage pick up which is not the case. The POA staff can certainly be their advocate and relay their frustration to the City, but ultimately, the communication regarding the complaint should occur between the property owner/resident and the City.

The City contracts with Republic Services who is the subcontractor to the City. The Supervisor of the Environmental Services Department, Matt Alltop would like the residents of Daniel Island to report these incidents to his department and not to Republic Services since the City manages the contract with Republic. The POA Office is not a 3rd party to this contract. The POA office serves only in a liaison capacity, similar to DINA (Daniel Island Neighborhood Association).

The Daniel Island POA staff and the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association continue to be an advocate for the residents of Daniel Island to the City of Charleston as we all should expect this and other services provided by the City to take place consistently, on time, and efficiently without interruption.

Should you have additional questions regarding the City of Charleston garbage and yard debris pickup, please contact the Superintendent, Matt Alltop at or at 843-720-3882.