Political Signage on Daniel Island

With our local elections less than a month away, we wanted to remind all owners about the political signage policy on Daniel Island.

The association policy allows one political sign, banner or flag (per property and per candidate) to be placed on private property within 45 days of an election. Signs should be no larger than 18″ x 24″. Please note that the area between the sidewalk and curb is public right of way, and signs placed here violate association policy as well as City of Charleston ordinance No. 1995-489 Sec. 19-441. Please do not place signage in the right of way area. Signs placed in this area will be removed. When posting signs, please ensure they are placed on your own private property. Additionally, signs may not be placed on any common property such as a park or a playground. Once the election has concluded, signs should be removed promptly.