Police Department Street Parking FAQ’s

TO:                    Daniel Island Property Owners Association

FROM:              Lieutenant Matt Wojslawowicz, Team 5 Commander

DATE:               April 30, 2020

RE:                     Parking on Daniel Island

Recently, I have fielded several questions regarding parking on Daniel Island.  The content of the questions vary from what the laws are pertaining to parking to who is responsible for parking-related issues.  I hope that this short educational piece will help everyone understand the topic of parking and will lead to a decrease in the overall number of parking violations which will in turn increase the livability of our community.

Parking regulations applicable in the City of Charleston can be found in both the Charleston, South Carolina Code of Ordinances as well as the South Carolina Code of Laws.  Enforcement of those ordinances and statutes falls on the Charleston Police Department as well as the Parking Enforcement Division of the Traffic & Transportation Division of the City of Charleston.  The Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association does not have the capability to enforce any parking regulations.

There are a good number of regulations that prohibit or restrict parking in the City of Charleston.  While this list is not all-inclusive, this should help answer the vast majority of questions that are posed on the topic.  For more information, citizens are invited to view the City of Charleston’s Code of Ordinances at https://library.municode.com/sc/charleston/codes/code_of_ordinances or by viewing the South Carolina Code of Laws at https://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/statmast.php.

In the City of Charleston, it is illegal for vehicles to park where the curbs are painted yellow, where signs are posted prohibiting parking, or in a marked fire lane.  Vehicles are also prohibited from parking in in such a manner to create a public or private nuisance for the purposes of displaying a vehicle for sale, advertising of any nature, or washing, greasing, or repairing unless such is necessitated by an emergency.  Wherever lines have been painted to indicate parking spaces, vehicles must park entirely within the lines.

City Code VIII Section 19-237 states that, “No person shall stop, stand or park a truck or other vehicle having an overall length of more than twenty (20) feet at any point upon any street for a period of more than one hour, except that such bus, truck or other vehicle may be stopped or parked for such length of time as may be necessary for the pickup and loading or unloading and delivery of passengers or materials. For the purpose of this section, a trailer and its tractor unit shall be considered one vehicle.” This ordinance reference would apply to vehicles attached to boat trailers as well. No person shall park a vehicle upon a street in such a manner as to leave available less than ten (10) feet of the width of the roadway for the free movement of vehicular traffic.  No person shall park in front of a public or private driveway or within three (3) feet of either side or on the opposite side of any public or private driveway in such a manner as to inhibit the entry or departure from the driveway.  State law further prohibits vehicles from parking within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant, within twenty (20) feet of a crosswalk at an intersection, or within thirty (30) feet upon the approach to any flashing signal, stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control device.  While parked, the right-hand side (passenger side) tires must be within eighteen (18) inches of the curb.

Should anyone observe parking violations taking place, you are encouraged to contact the Charleston Police Department at (843) 743-7200.  This is the non-emergency number to contact a dispatcher who will be happy to send a patrol officer to the location of the possible violation.  If anyone has any questions regarding parking or any other law enforcement matter, you are invited to contact Lieutenant Matt Wojslawowicz, the Team 5 Commander, at (843) 849-0304 or via email at wojslawowiczm@charleston-sc.gov.

Official memo from the City of Charleston’s Police Department’s Team 5 (download)