POA Phase 1 Re-Opening Update

The POA has been working tirelessly to continue to provide property owners with excellent customer service, quickly responding to concerns and continuing all core responsibilities ever since the Governor issued the stay at home order in late March.

We have been closely monitoring local, state and federal developments in terms of COVID-19 recommendations for the safe re-opening of businesses, parks and amenities. Below are the general guidelines and conditions we will use to determine future re-opening dates. We will send out more detailed information when we get closer to re-opening.


The POA will re-open all parks, playgrounds and trails when the City of Charleston opens their parks and playgrounds. This may be phased with parks and trails opening first and playgrounds opening second. Social distancing requirements may still be in place. The City of Charleston Police Department and Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office would be responsible for enforcement of any such social distancing requirements.

DICA pools:

The POA will re-open the three DICA pools, Pierce Park, Scott Park, and Edgefield Park, when three things happen: (1) SC DHEC allows public pools to re-open (our pools are classified as “public pools” and are regulated by SC DHEC); (2) Our pool contractor can adequately staff our three pools to ensure any applicable social distancing requirements are met; and (3) Our pool contractor has had 48 hours to properly clean, sanitize and test chemical levels in our pools for safe swimming.

DICA Swim Camp:

Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Swim Camp.


  • Modified kayak/SUP rentals will resume when the office is open.
  • The feasibility of future 2020 amenity rentals for pool parties and other events will be determined at a later date.

POA Office, 130 River Landing Drive:

The POA is depending on state and national modeling to predict when social distancing will be relaxed enough, and the Governor’s State at Home order is lifted before we return to the office. We are telling office staff to prepare for a return to the POA office between May 15-June 9. This date range may be modified as conditions warrant.

In order to safely return to work, and for the health and safety of property owners, customers, and employees, all employees must follow the new policies listed below and we ask that all property owners and customers do the same including:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear protective masks
  • Limit interaction with the public/colleagues
  • Regularly wash hands
  • Regularly clean all contact surfaces
  • Virtual meetings when possible or meetings in an outdoor environment incorporating social distancing
  • In-office meetings with property owners will be “By Appointment Only”: The POA will require property owners to make an appointment before dropping by the POA office while social distancing guidelines are still in place.

Our primary goal is to continue to serve our property owners in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible. To date, we have operated very effectively with all office staff working remotely. We appreciate your patience as we all learn to navigate work, life and play in the coming months. We will communicate any new information, adjustments to these policies, and tentative re-opening dates in the near future.