POA Code Enforcement Door Hangers

Beginning this month, the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association will add to its code enforcement process, a new “door hanger” compliance notification tool for two of our more frequent violations that are observed or reported to our office.

The door hangers will be used as a leave-behind, friendly “first reminder/did you know” form of communication.

They will be used for notification regarding noncompliance of trash cans/garbage/household material and yard debris and will be left at the residence by the DIPOA code enforcement team.

These door hangers will be used in conjunction with our current standard of notification which can include contact via phone, warning stickers, email or hard copy correspondence.

When our staff observes or is made aware of a violation, the goal is to let our residents know immediately what the issue is, so that they can take corrective action to be in compliance with both City of Charleston regulations and Daniel Island Property Owner Association Covenants.

Included on the door hanger will be the time and date of the visit, as well as the code enforcement officers’ name and phone number should the resident have any questions or follow-up that they would like to convey to our office regarding the notification.

We appreciate everyone’s adherence to both City of Charleston and DIPOA rules and regulations to ensure that our “community standard” and neighborhood aesthetics are maintained.