Pirate Playground Renovations

The Smythe Park Pirate Playground has been a main attraction for children and adults on Daniel Island and beyond for over a decade. In our efforts to continue to improve our playgrounds and landscape, Pirate Park Playground will be receiving enhancements beginning October 28th at 7 AM until the end of the year. Enhancements include the re-planking of the Pirate Ship, Light Tower renovation, and installation of the new Venti multi use playground system.

During this time, the park will be closed for renovations and the POA encourages all residents to make plans to utilize other playgrounds. We look forward to improving and maintaining Pirate Park’s reputation as one of the best playgrounds on the island and Charleston area.

Should you have any questions, please email Chris Hamil, Field Operations at Chris.Hamil@dicommunity.org.