Island Safety Concerns and Vandalism

Lately we have been experiencing an increase in vandalism and safety concerns within the Daniel Island Community. Eye witnesses and security cameras suggest that the vandalism is being caused by teenagers.

The recent activity includes multiple fires set on Bellinger Island, backstroke flags being ripped down at the pool, broken lights on the trails, holes in the Pierce Park Pavilion walls, and graffiti of foul language and profanity on the Smythe Park tree house. Not only do these acts ruin our beautiful amenities but they pose safety concerns for the surrounding area and people.

In addition to the vandalism around the island, we have received numerous complaints of children acting up at the pools outside of staffing hours. They are running around, jumping on each other, flipping into the pool, and throwing furniture into the pool. Let your children know the pool rules and let’s stop this bad behavior so that the pool can be enjoyed by all.

If you see something, please say something immediately. Often times things are left unsaid for too long which makes it harder for the person(s) to be held accountable. We are working closely with Charleston Police Team 5 to increase surveillance on the island. Team 5 asks residents who see something suspicious, to please call their consolidated dispatch center at (843) 743-7200 so that they can work immediately on addressing the observed issue or unsafe behavior.

Talk to your children about vandalism and safety and keep a watchful eye on the community when you are out and about.