General Pool Etiquette and Responsibilities

The Daniel Island Community Association provides (3) community managed pools for our residents. The pools have recently been experiencing an increase in trespassing complaints, vandalism issues, fecal matter incidents, and an increase in trash being left on the tables, ground, in the pools, in the bathrooms, etc. The DIPOA takes these incidents very seriously, and we also need your help. Please report any suspicious activity.

In response to the above referenced incidences, the DIPOA has increased the hours of pool attendants for our pools, as well as addressed better facility management practices with our pool contractor. The attendants are contracted to be onsite through September 2nd, 2019. Their responsibilities are monitoring pool safety, chemistry, and providing general cleanliness of pool facility while on site. Our pool maintenance contract requires daily pool chemistry checks, arranging pool furniture, patrolling trash, and cleanup within the pool amenity and bathrooms. Our Field Operations staff also checks all pool facilities every weekday morning to inspect and report any outstanding issues to the pool contractor before their arrival.  We are also monitoring our facilities more closely through multiple security cameras, and the City of Charleston Police department has been asked to routinely patrol these areas. As a reminder, all pools close at 10 PM, and we encourage all residents to honor this closure as we continue to make our pools safer. Note, anyone seen at the pools after 10 PM would be considered trespassing. The City of Charleston Police should be called by calling 911.

The POA staff is only one piece of the greater picture, and we need our residents to also maintain accountability in patrolling their own trash & belongings, notifying us of any fecal matter incidents immediately, and making us aware of any suspicious behavior during your pool visits. The pool hours are 5 AM to 10 PM. Any one seen trespassing or any suspicious activity witnessed outside of these hours should be reported to the City of Charleston Police by calling 911.