FAQ’s Regarding Pruning of Street Trees on Daniel Island

Street trees are located between the curb and the sidewalk (the City right of way area) in front of your home or unit.

Please remember that these trees should only be pruned by the City of Charleston Urban Forestry Division or by a certified arborist. These trees should not be pruned by the homeowner unless there is a damaged or low lying branch that is a safety or hazard concern.

The Urban Forestry Division of the City of Charleston coordinates the City’s street tree planting program. Urban Forestry maintains all street trees in the right of way area. The division keeps an accurate inventory of all street trees, including the species, condition and maintenance records. Urban Forestry routinely performs maintains and responds to citizen requests for tree work.

In the event that a street tree within the right-of-way is diseased, significantly damaged or destroyed, or there is a concern about the health of the tree, the owner is responsible for contacting Clark DeCiantis with the City of Charleston Urban Forestry Department at DECIANTISF@charleston-sc.gov (843) 509-9410 (Cell) (843) 724-7148 (Office).

Section 5.2 of the Daniel Island governing documents references this maintenance as an owner responsibility.

If conditions such as those listed above warrant a replacement tree, the City and the homeowner work together to replace the tree. If the City decides a replacement street tree is needed the homeowner would be required to pay for the tree, which is approximately $250-$350 depending on size and species agreed upon. The City must approve of the species and placement before a replacement is planted.

To report a street tree that needs pruning or replacement you can also use the City of Charleston website online reporting system at https://www.charleston-sc.gov/.

From there choose the following tabs:

  • KEYWORD SEARCH BOX City street tree issues/pruning requests and then proceed from there with your information and you can also include a picture of your current tree as well.

Please note that any trees that were planted within the last year that aren’t doing well are still under warranty. Please contact the Daniel Island POA office at 971-9200 if you know of a failing tree that was planted in the last year.

For more information about the City of Charleston’s Street Tree Program, please click HERE.