Exterior Painting of Homes or Units

Preparing Your Home for a New Look?

Daniel Island ARB approval is required for repainting any home or unit that is changing from the original or current color. If you have been thinking of repainting your home or changing the paint color, the first thing you must do is prep your home for new paint.

You want to make sure that your home is clean before you apply new paint, so think about using a power washer to clean and remove loose paint, or call a professional pressure washer. This may also help you to locate areas that need repair from rot before painting. In addition, if your house has any areas of mildew, you probably want to kill it with a mildew cleaner.

Once the house has been washed and cleaned, let the house dry. This is very important or else the new paint will peel prematurely ruining the entire project. Not letting the house dry before painting is a common cause of paint failure.

Remember to caulk gaps around windows, doors, between siding, molding, columns, etc. If you have wood siding, look for nail heads that may be sticking up a little bit. If you find any, nail them back down and putty the hole.

After you receive ARB approval for your new paint color and you have completed all the prep work, you are now ready to paint with the confidence that your new paint will last for many years.

ARB Modification Application (download)