2019 Daniel Island Swim Lessons

As a resource to our residents, the Daniel Island POA has provided a list of swim instructors who are eligible to teach at the Scott Park Community Pool. All swim lessons must take place at the Scott Park Pool located at 177 Corn Planters Street. Those taking swim lessons are required to be current residents of Daniel Island to participate in swim lessons.

Lessons cannot be conducted at the Pierce Park Pool or the Edgefield Pool or by any instructor not on the list.

If lessons are conducted at the Pierce Park Pool or Edgefield Pool or by an instructor not on the list, instructors may lose their ability to teach on DI and residents may lose their pool privileges. Due to insurance requirements, any and all instructors must be cleared by the POA office to teach.

If a resident would like to use an instructor that is not on the below list, or if you are an instructor and would like to be added to the list, please contact Dani Hermann, Recreation and Communications Manager at Danielle.Hermann@dicommunity.org for more information.

List of Instructors (download)

Please note, more instructors will be added to the list as we get closer to the season and they return from school.