City of Charleston Short-Term Rental Regulations for Daniel Island

Though the Daniel Island CC&Rs do not prohibit short term rentals (1-29 days) specifically, the new City ordinance regarding short term rentals do pertain to Daniel Island and must be adhered to. Municipal, state and federal laws supersede our covenants, conditions and restrictions.  In other words, the Daniel Island CC&Rs can be more restrictive but not less restrictive than City ordinances.  The City of Charleston will be responsible for enforcing short term rental regulations. Again, short term rentals are considered rentals of your home or part of your home between 1-29 days.  Any home rentals longer than 29 consecutive days fall under the Daniel Island CC&Rs and are discussed below.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the new short term rental process please contact Dexter O’Connell, City Planning Department 843-724-3779 or at To report a short term rental violation, please contact the City’s Livability Division at 843-619-6084 or at


The following is a summary of the newly-passed Short-Term Rental regulations applicable to Daniel Island residents. These regulations have gone into effect July 10th, and permits cannot be legally obtained prior to that date.

The entirety of Daniel Island (and all of the parts of the City of Charleston in Berkeley County, along with other areas) are in Residential Category 3 under the new regulations. This means that:

  • Residents owning a home and paying the 4% rate of property tax on it as a primary residence, having at least three parking spaces on their property, and meeting other permit process conditions, are allowed to seek a permit to rent out a portion of their property as a Short-Term Rental. For details, please contact Dexter O’Connell as noted below.
  • Residents who get a permit must be residing overnight while renting out portions of their property. Residents may rent rooms in any building, or an entire accessory building, as long as they are on the property while renters are present.
  • Residents may not rent without a permit.
  • Residents must adhere to all revenue collection and reporting laws of the City and State.

In order to get a permit, Residents will need to provide proof of primary residence status, (Driver’s License, Voter Registration Card, Property Tax Bill, etc.) and

  1. Floor plans drawn to scale of the habitable structures on the property that clearly designate all rooms to be used by STR guests, and the specific room or rooms to be used by guests for sleeping.
  2. A site plan of the lot showing the location of the proposed Residential STR unit and the required off-street parking spaces and driveways.
    Permits will be available July 10th. With permit process, property eligibility, or other general questions, please call Dexter O’Connell, Associate Planner in the Zoning Division, at 843-724-3779.

Reporting Violations
If you would like to report a violation, please contact the City of Charleston Livability Division at 843-619-6084.

Additional Information
Additional Information can be found on our website HERE, where a specific page on Short-Term Rentals will soon be live.

All permits will be valid for one year and may or may not be renewed. The ordinance will be in a study period for the first nine months of implementation, so details may change over time.


PDF Version of New Short-Term Rental Regulations (download)