Boater and Boat Landing Etiquette

It’s that time of year when everyone is eager to get out on the water and spend some quality time with family and friends. With the warm weather and sunny days also comes some back up at the boat landings, specifically our two landings on Daniel Island – Beresford Creek and Ralston Creek.

Please take the time to review the below Boat Landing Etiquette guidelines to ensure enjoyment and safety for all users.

Boater and Boat Landing Etiquette

  1. Move to the side if you’re not ready – if you are still checking and rechecking your boat to make sure its ready to launch, please move to the side so another boater can use the ramp until you are ready.
  2. Turn off your headlights – many early morning risers or late night returners forget that their headlights make it harder for other boaters to pull their boat out of the water. Please turn your headlights off as you wait for your turn as a courtesy to the member currently using the ramp.
  3. Give everyone enough space to park – the DI Boat Landing parking lots are reserved for cars with trailers only. Please make sure you are leaving enough room for others to park their trailers and if you are having people meet you at the landing who do not have a trailer, please make sure they park on the street and not in the parking lot. In addition to these, our Daniel Island CC&R’s state that you do not detach a trailer at the landing or leave your vehicle, trailer or boat overnight unless permission has been given by the DI POA.
  4. Wait your turn – Everyone wants to get out on the water as fast as possible but it is important to wait your turn. If someone got there first, be patient and give them the necessary time to properly launch their boat. Same goes for pulling your boat out of the water, be patient.
  5. Lend a hand – There may be some new boaters out there so try to lend a hand when you can. Learning the proper way can help new boaters know the dos and don’ts of boating from experienced boaters. This being said, be patient with new boaters and they are learning the ropes so it may take them a little longer on the ramp.
  6. Look both ways – Yes, this is also a rule of the road but since you are launching into a creek, at least you are on DI, water traffic can come from either direction in a blink of an eye. If possible, have someone stand on the dock watching the water for you as you are on the ramp. The waterways can be full of other boaters, kayakers fisherman and wildlife.
  7. Keep sounds to a minimum – Particularly on DI, the boat landings are on the creeks surrounded by private homes. When you are on the creek, please keep sound to a minimum, especially in the early mornings or late nights.
  8. No Wake Zone – The water near the boat landings is considered a No Wake Zone. If you see a sign for a no wake zone or if you are near a dock/landing, slow down to idle speed or a speed that isn’t casting any wake. You are responsible for your wake.
  9. Dock Usage – The dock at the landing is for loading and unloading. Please keep use of the dock at a minimum so that other boaters may use it to pick up/drop off guests and supplies.

If you are a current member of the Beresford Creek or Ralston Creek Boat Landing, please make sure you have picked up your current 2019 Trailer decal at the POA office. This decal lets our code enforcement know that you are a current member of the landing and helps you avoid a potential fine for using the landing unauthorized.

If you are not a current Boat Landing member and would like to become a member, please click HERE. Please note, you must live in either the Daniel Island Community Association (DICA) or Daniel Island Park Association (DIPA). You can contact the POA office at (843) 971-9200 if you are unsure if you are eligible to be a member.