Berkeley County Recycling Update

Due to maintenance work being done on the Wando Bridge, the SCDOT needed access to the area underneath the bridge where the Berkeley County cardboard recycling bins had previously been located. SCDOT asked that bins be removed so they would have access to this area for the bridge project.

The 3 containers that are under the bridge presently are NOT for recycling use, but are SCDOT work related. SCDOT and Berkeley County have asked that we alert the residents of Daniel Island, to not place any debris or recycling items at this location, as this is their work zone and they need access to it.

Please Do Not Place cardboard recycling or any other items in this area until further notice and until the recycling bins return.

The DIPOA office has been in contact with Berkeley County officials regarding this and have asked that they place a NO DUMPING Sign at the location. The DIPOA office does not have any further information on this or a timeline of when the recycling bins will return. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please visit the Berkeley County website at for a list of other drop off recycling sites that you may use.