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The Daniel Island Company will be working on a drainage basin at the first pond near the intersection of Pierce and Village Crossing for newly developed home lots. This work will impact the trail surrounding the pond. This trail will be temporarily closed beginning Wednesday, October 3rd until further notice.  …Read More
Please remember to remove any balloons, signs or left over yard sale items that you placed on your property, curb or driveway. The City of Charleston/Suburban has regulations as to what they will and will not pick up or remove. If items were not picked up in yesterday’s normal Monday…  …Read More
The Low Country is known for its humid climate. With the humidity comes algae, mildew and mold. This is a very common problem for the Low country and can be visible in many areas of your home. Blue-green algae will typically present itself as black stains and streaks on the…  …Read More
Though the Daniel Island CC&Rs do not prohibit short term rentals (1-29 days) specifically, the new City ordinance regarding short term rentals do pertain to Daniel Island and must be adhered to. Municipal, state and federal laws supersede our covenants, conditions and restrictions.  In other words, the Daniel Island CC&Rs…  …Read More