An Important Reminder Regarding City of Charleston Garbage Collection

Trash collection for the upcoming President’s Day Holiday (February 17th) will take place as normal.

The Daniel Island POA Office would like to remind everyone that when their trash or yard debris is not picked up on a regularly scheduled pickup day (normally Mondays unless otherwise specified they should immediately contact the City of Charleston Environmental Services Department, Matt Alltop, Superintendent of Environmental Services at and at (843) 720-3882.

To report your trash not being collected, click the link below that will connect you directly to their department:…/…/RequestOpen.aspx…

Please use this recommended reporting method to create a work order/record that you can then use to track your submission.


The City of Charleston link below includes additional information on Garbage Collection:

Should you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please contact Mr. Alltop directly at the email address or phone number included above.