DINA’s New President

The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) has a new president, Marie Delcioppo!

Marie was the former chair person of DINA’s Safety Committee and was recommended for President by the DINA Search Committee. Marie is a DI resident and is a financial adviser and the Director of Marketing at a local DI Firm. She hopes that as President and a younger female resident of the island, that she can “give a stronger voice to our young families, business owners, and residents who can feel alienated from getting more involved due to the demands of work and children commitments.”  Marie also wants to “leverage a fresh approach and different perspectives to help make our island town even more welcoming and inclusive.” (Daniel Island News, October 2017)


If you are not familiar with DINA, who they are or what they do, Marie has prepared the following Q&A.

1. What is the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) and who does it serve? 

DINA is a City of Charleston recognized neighborhood council (explained in question 2) made up of volunteers who work jointly with the city and county on the island’s issues.

Their purpose is to act as a liaison between all residents and Berkeley County and the City of Charleston. They communicate information from our governments and strive to keep residents informed on significant developments affecting Daniel Island. They also do the reverse and communicate the interests of residents to Berkeley County and the City of Charleston.

Their mission is to be a civic voice and to foster a sense of community and cooperation for Daniel Island and all its residents. The strength of DINA rests on the commitment of its membership. Together, we can speak with a louder voice to accomplish more for our community.

DINA has a $10 per household annual membership due to help cover the costs of meeting rental space and supplies, their annual Oyster Roast, and maintaining the website and email list.

To join DINA or to pay your dues, please email Marie at president@dineighborhoodassociation.org.

For a calendar of meetings and events, by-laws, and other information, visit the DINA website at www.dineighborhoodassociation.org.

2. What is the City of Charleston Neighborhood Council you mentioned?

Being a member of the DINA council is a huge honor and helps bring our voice to the City of Charleston. This unique organization is composed of 112 democratically organized neighborhood associations. The presidents of these associations meet with the Mayor and his staff throughout the year in regularly scheduled sessions to share information, report concerns, and make suggestions that will improve the quality of life for residents and the city as a whole.

For more information, please visit http://www.charleston-sc.gov.

3. What does the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association (POA) do and how does it differ from DINA?

The POA provides a number of services for residents, including:

  • Maintenance of common property (trails, pools, boat launch ramps, parks, etc.)
  • Mailbox installation
  • Street sign maintenance
  • Roadside maintenance
  • Enforcement of restrictions and rules outlined in the community Covenants

The POA — just like DINA — seeks to foster a sense of community by helping to coordinate and promote social, educational, and recreational programs and events for residents.

All property owners become members of one of three property owners’ associations on the island (Daniel Island Community Association, Daniel Island Park Association, and Daniel Island Town Association) depending on their geographic location. All three associations are administered by the staff at the POA office.

While DINA is made up of volunteers who are your fellow residents and bring your concerns to the appropriate governing body, the POA directly helps execute the initiatives. Both are very much needed in a community of this size in order to make sure all are held accountable for our quality of life.

For more information on the POA, you can head to their website: http://danielisland.com/community/.

4. It seems like there’s construction everywhere! How do I find out more about the development of Daniel Island?

We are a growing island! As someone who grew up in Charleston, it’s wonderful to see the rest of the world catching on to what a special place the Lowcountry is. Everyone wants to be here and rightfully so!

The good news is Daniel Island is a planned community, which has followed its Master Plan from day one and continues to do so as our island grows. You can read the Master Plan on the POA’s website and learn about land use and zoning issues on the DINA website.

5. Who do I call if I see a parking violation, debris in the roadway, or am concerned about drivers speeding?

You want to contact the City of Charleston immediately.

For routine matters, the Charleston Police Department can be reached at 843-577-7434.

For Traffic Services — to report speeders in your neighborhood or the removal of dead animals or other hazards or debris from the roadway — call 843-965-4084.

If you need immediate assistance, call 9-1-1.

6. How do I get involved in DINA?

DINA holds meetings every other month which are open to all residents. You can find the calendar on the DINA website. If you would like to get involved in one of their committees — whether as a committee chair or a member — email Marie at president@dineighborhoodassocation.org. Daniel Island has 10,000 residents and growing so we need all the help we can get!


The next DINA bimonthly meeting is on Tuesday, November 7, at The Church of the Holy Cross. From 6:30 – 7:00, enjoy refreshments and mingle with your neighbors. The meeting then runs from 7:00 – 8:00. Click here for more information about the meeting.


For more information on DINA, visit www.dineighborhoodassociation.org or email Delcioppo at president@dineighborhoodassociation.org.