Charleston Street Tree Program

Each Owner shall maintain all landscaping, including street trees, located in any right-of-way immediately adjacent to the Owner’s Unit. In the event that a street tree within a right-of-way is diseased, significantly damaged or destroyed, the Owner of the adjacent Unit shall be responsible for contacting Danny Burbage with the City of Charleston Urban Forestry Department at

When a tree should be removed, the City of Charleston may remove the existing tree. If conditions warrant a replacement tree, the City and the homeowner work together to replace the tree. The homeowner is technically responsible for the street tree(s) in front of his/her home and if it is decided that a replacement tree is warranted, the homeowner would be required to pay for the tree, which is approximately $250-$350 depending on size and species agreed upon. The City must approve of the species and placement before a replacement is planted. The species that appear to do well on Daniel Island include live oak, willow oak, Chinese elm, Chinese pistache, sabal palmetto and crape myrtle.

Please note that any trees that were planted within the last year that aren’t doing well are still under warranty. Please contact the POA at 971-9200 if you know of a tree failing that was planted in the last year.

For more information about the City of Charleston’s Street Tree Program, please click HERE.