Beresford Creek Boat Landing Update

We are happy to report that the Beresford Creek Boat Landing project has been completed. Some additional landscaping work will continue over the next several weeks. The barge has moved downstream to finish the work on Bellinger Island and boats should be able to navigate around it. Unfortunately, the barge will not be able to be completely removed from Beresford Creek at this time. This is due to the need for a very high tide in order to navigate the barge through the narrowest pinch point in Beresford Creek which is an unavoidable condition.
All Daniel Island Community Association boat landing members have had their fobs turned back on for use at the Beresford Creek Boat landing. Access to the Ralston Creek boat landing by Daniel Island Community Association boat landing members will be discontinued within the next week.
Thank you for your patience and we hope that you will all be pleased with the outcome of the project. Feel free to send Jane Baker any questions you might have at