2017 Boat Landing Decal

The Daniel Island POA has mailed out all of the 2017 Boat Landing Decals to those who have renewed their boat landing memberships and who have a $0 balance on their account. The renewal fee of $50 was included in the boat landing members’ 2017 Annual Assessment which was sent out in November. If you did not receive a charge on your account to renew your existing membership or no longer want your membership, please contact Dani Hermann at Danielle.Hermann@dicommunity.org.

This year, there is no renewal form. Instead, we ask that you please email Dani Hermann with any information that has changed in the past year. For example, if you have purchased a new boat, please send us the Marine Registration number.

If you are a resident who is not currently a member of the boat landing but would like to become a member, please contact Dani Hermann at Danielle.Hermann@dicommunity.org or stop in our office at 130 River Landing Drive, Suite 1-C for more information.