For more than two decades, Daniel Island Real Estate has been the leader for residential real estate sales on Charleston’s Daniel Island, offering an extensive inventory of new and resale homes, homesites, townhomes and condominiums within this award-winning master planned community. Today the company’s sales team uses its experience marketing Charleston as a real estate destination to buyers from around the country to help clients navigate the process of buying or selling a home anywhere in the Lowcountry. The team’s knowledge of the Charleston real estate market extends to all of the region’s submarkets, including historic downtown Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, area beaches and beyond.

Carey & Sean Tipple

It only took Carey and Sean Tipple one visit to Charleston to determine that they wanted to make their home here. Sean, a graduate of the College of Charleston, took Carey (a University of Kentucky grad) on a road trip from their Ohio home to participate in the popular Cooper River Bridge Run several years ago. “We came back to Charleston the following weekend, and ended up moving here a month and a half later,” says Carey. …Read More

It was thanks to Daniel Island Real Estate that the Tipples were able to find a home that they adored.

“The Daniel Island Real Estate team made the entire purchasing process very easy,” Carey says. “The level of customer service that we received, and the wonderful people that we dealt with during the process left me wanting to become a part of this team and this community.”

Once they moved in, the Tipples found the Daniel Island community to be especially supportive.

“We are not originally from this area, so it was comforting to be in a community where we could meet others through neighborhood events and activities in the parks and at the pools,” says Sean. “We found that because so many residents move here from other areas of the country, everyone is open to meeting new neighbors – it was easy to quickly make friends.”

Soon after they settled in, Carey’s wish to become a member of the Daniel Island Real Estate team became a reality. She took a job as an assistant to one of the sales associates in 2004. In 2007 she became an agent and began selling property for Daniel Island Real Estate on her own.

In 2012, Sean decided to leave his successful 15-year career in mortgage banking to team up with his wife to sell property on Daniel Island. As a team, Sean and Carey bring a strong work ethic and dedication to excellent service to their clients. Working together, the pair can ensure that someone will always be available to handle their clients’ needs.

“We have tremendous respect for each other’s strengths in business,” says Sean. “And we are both so passionate about Daniel Island. We love to show off our island town and we are proud to be a part of such an amazing community.”

The Tipples started their family on Daniel Island and are now proud parents of three beautiful daughters who spend their days exploring the island’s parks, attending classes at island schools and visiting favorite shops and restaurants in town. They’re expecting the birth of their third child in 2013.

Name: Carey Tipple
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Name: Sean Tipple
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Team Castengera

Sally Castengera has been with Daniel Island Real Estate since the island’s development first began 20 years ago and has consistently been a top selling agent.

Sally is familiar with every home, building and business within the community. Her clients are constantly impressed with her energy and enthusiasm for this island, and she truly cares about her clients and always goes the extra mile to do the right thing for her buyers and sellers. In fact, Sally’s strong referral base of happy homeowners has resulted in her being recognized as a Charleston Top Producer for 16 of the 20 years she’s been working in real estate in the area.

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Sally is a leader of the East Cooper Top Producers as well as an active member of the Daniel Island Rotary Club. She and her husband enjoy life as “empty nesters,” although they love when their children and grandchildren come for a visit. A native of Augusta, Georgia, Sally’s southern charm and warm personality will make you feel right at home on Daniel Island.

“I want to do all I can to help people have the confidence that they are making the right decision to live on Daniel Island,” Sally explains. “It is so important to make a connection.”

Sharon Cassidy

“My approach to working with buyers and sellers is to LISTEN,” says Sharon Cassidy. “Everyone has a story and a reason behind what they are doing and why they are making a move. I want to help people make that journey a little easier.”

Sharon’s story began in Pennsylvania, where she worked as a sales agent for Toll Brothers, a well-known national luxury home builder, for many years. After raising a family with her husband, Michael, they decided to move to Charleston to be closer to one of their sons and his wife — and their soon-to-be first grandchild.

It was while she was searching for a place to live in Charleston that Sharon discovered Daniel Island. She loved the “live, work, play” concept of the community and the beauty of the parks and neighborhoods. They initially found a FROG to rent while Michael settled into his job and Sharon began looking for one. Eventually she took a position with a local homebuilder and they purchased and settled into a home on nearby Clements Ferry Road.

Among Sharon’s responsibilities at her new job was to network with local Realtors.

“From the start, my husband and I spent a lot of time on Daniel Island, attending many events, participating in island fundraising activities and networking with groups like the Daniel Island Women’s Network,” says Sharon. “I found the people to be unbelievably friendly and helpful.”

During her time networking she met veteran Daniel Island Real Estate sales associate Sally Castengera. They hit it off, and Sally eventually asked her to come on board to help sell island real estate. Sharon’s experience working for a national builder, selling in new home communities and managing five Coldwell Banker offices in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. area made her a well-qualified addition to the Castengera team.

“I was thrilled when Sally asked me to join her team,” says Sharon. “Since I relocated here just a few short years ago myself, I feel like I am in a unique position to help buyers find their way and help them make Daniel Island and the Charleston area their new home.”

Name: Sally Castengera
Office Phone: (843) 971-3501
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Name: Sharon Cassidy
Office Phone: (843) 971-6272
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Team Cromarty

For more than a decade, Meryl Cromarty has been selling real estate on Daniel Island and earning her spot continually as one of the top 1% of Charleston area realtors. She has also received the Charleston Realtor of Distinction Award many times over.

“The first time I stepped foot on Daniel Island, I knew this is where I wanted to live,” says Meryl Cromarty. A graduate of Boston College and native of Long Island, Meryl grew up in the Northeast, where her family owned the home featured in the movie “The Amityville Horror”. “That little factoid has sparked many interesting conversations over the years!” says Meryl.
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After a successful business career, Meryl moved to Daniel Island in 2000, joined the sales team at Daniel Island Real Estate and built a magnificent custom home in Daniel Island Park overlooking the Beresford Creek course.

“I love Daniel Island and the Lowcountry.  Many people dream of living in such a beautiful place.  I am so lucky I do!”  Meryl sums up her philosophy this way: “My goal is to share my expertise and passion for Daniel Island and all it has to offer with each person as they seek to find their own special place to call home. “

And that’s what Meryl did when she met Edie Coupe and her husband Doug 14 years ago.

“We lived in Los Angeles for years, where my husband was an actor, but decided to step away for a little bit,” says Edie. “We actually moved to Charleston in 1998, I got my real estate license and we had our first child, before ultimately going back to LA.” After realizing they missed the allure of the Lowcountry, the Coupes headed back south a few years later and ultimately landed on Daniel Island.

“We met Meryl when we walked into the Daniel Island Real Estate office to start our home search. To this day – 14 years later – I can’t imagine living anywhere else!”

Meryl and Edie share the same work ethic and core values that are important to any buyer or seller: honesty, integrity and passion. Both are very involved in the Daniel Island community and enjoy sharing it with clients and potential islanders.

“This place brought Edie and I together, first as friends and now as partners,” says Meryl. “I’m excited to have her on my team!”

Name: Meryl Cromarty
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Name: Edie Coupe
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Rick Horger

Growing up in South Carolina’s “Garden City” of Orangeburg, Rick Horger developed a life-long affinity for trees and landscaping. Although his dad was the town’s busy obstetrician, he always found time for golf. As soon as Rick was old enough, Dr. Horger cut down a set of old Wilson Staffs and introduced his son to the game that would later play an important role in his life. …Read More

After obtaining a degree in Real Estate Finance from the University of South Carolina, Rick secured his license for real estate in the state of South Carolina. But his interest in landscaping soon led him to the University of Georgia’s prestigious School of Environmental Design. There, he studied landscape architecture and eventually landed what Rick terms “a dream job;” to work with Tom Fazio and his design team.

Fazio is one of today’s most celebrated golf course designers, and was named the “Best Modern Day Golf Course Architect” by Golf Digest. Rick worked with the company for 13 years, and refers to Fazio as his mentor. “He’s an awesome guy who gave me my big break. I learned, loved and appreciated every minute of it.”

While working with Fazio, Rick first learned about Daniel Island. “We were designing the Beresford Creek course. I remember continuously walking the layout, trying to route the course through this beautiful landscape, tweaking the design so we could incorporate as many of the spectacular oak trees and marsh views as possible.”

It was Daniel Island that brought Rick back to the real estate field, a transition he knew he would one day make when the right opportunity presented itself. “I’m very attached to Daniel Island,” Rick notes. “I’ve watched it evolve from its infancy.” When asked why potential buyers or sellers should utilize Daniel Island Real Estate, Rick references his father, saying, “As Daniel Island specialists, we know the island. Why ask a cardiologist to deliver a baby?”

Name: Rick Horger
Office Phone: (843) 856-1369
Mobile Phone: (843) 901-9600

Rosie Stieby

Rosie Stieby discovered Daniel Island in early 1999. Accompanying her husband, Doug, to Charleston for a job interview, they began that fateful trip shoveling snow from their driveway in Cincinnati, Ohio and ended it enjoying a sunny and 70-degree day in Charleston. “The weather certainly was a positive influence, but Daniel Island is what sold us on the move. Even back then, we could see what a special place we had found and  …Read More

knew immediately we wanted to be part of it. It’s amazing to think we are going on nearly 2 decades here.”

Rosie and Doug are proud parents of two sons (Doug Jr. and Kurt), who were both toddlers back when they moved to the island but now are graduates of Bishop England High School and currently enrolled at Clemson University.  Their daughter, Kelsey, is a student and volleyball player for Bishop England High School. “We have been involved in numerous sports teams and clubs here. We enjoy such an incredible life on Daniel Island!”

Upon moving to the island, Rosie immediately joined a morning play group for her boys and became part of the Daniel Island Social Committee, helping to organize some of the first Easter Egg Hunts and 4th of July events. “I love the community lifestyle we have here. My children have grown up riding their bikes and playing in the parks with their friends. Our whole family has been really involved in the Daniel Island Swim Team – my kids as swimmers, my husband and I as volunteers, and I served as the President/Team Rep on the swim team board for five years. I also love that no matter where you are on the island, you are within walking or biking distance to the restaurants and shops downtown.”

Rosie joined the Daniel Island Real Estate team several years ago, first as a sales assistant and then as a full-time real estate agent. “The sense of community is one of the reasons I decided to join the team at Daniel Island Real Estate. I have such pride in our island – the master plan, the wonderful quality of life – that I really just want to share it with others. And working at Daniel Island Real Estate, I enjoy being among the first to know about the upcoming stages of development and I can provide that information to my clients.”

“I am very dedicated and passionate about Daniel Island. I love seeing the island through the eyes of my clients – as if it’s my first visit again. I feel so very blessed that every morning I begin my day driving past the magnificent live oaks on River Landing Drive to our sales office and look out across the Wando River. It’s incredible!”

Name: Rosie Stieby
Office Phone: (843) 856-1374
Mobile Phone: (843) 452-6692

Brian Connolly

Brian Connolly has lived, worked and played on Daniel Island for 15 years. Originally from Quincy, MA, he moved to South Carolina to attend the College of Charleston and discovered Daniel Island while working at The Country Club of Charleston.  “When I first moved here, Daniel Island was still a relatively young community. And I was younger too!” says Brian. …Read More

“Now, the Island has everything you could ever need. I have a beautiful wife and two incredible children. It’s like the Island and I have matured together.”

Living on Daniel Island with his family has given Brian further appreciation for the Island’s schools, parks and lifestyle. “My neighbors are my friends. It makes my wife and I feel very secure that our children are surrounded by caring people in such a close-knit community.”

As a member of the Daniel Island Real Estate team, Brian works exceptionally hard to help his clients accomplish their dreams of finding the perfect home or property. “It’s so easy to be a part of this team because we work really well together and we are all committed to the legacy of this community. We know every blade of grass, from Smythe Park to Rhoden Island, and in-between. I’m proud that new and returning clients continue to choose Daniel Island Real Estate.”

These days, when he’s not working, you can find Brian enjoying an occasional round of golf, playing with his children at the Center Park playground or enjoying a glass of wine with his wife, Melissa, on their back porch. “Of course, the best part of my day is when I return home to my family and enjoy this incredible life we’ve created at the “GPOE” (Greatest Place On Earth)!  There’s simply nothing else like it and I feel truly blessed to be raising my family here.”

Name: Brian Connolly
Office Phone: (843) 971-3498
Mobile Phone: (843) 367-6993

Meg Latour

“Life is too short, let’s just do it. Let’s just pull the trigger and move here!” Meg excitedly said to her husband as they drove off Daniel Island following their initial visit in 2004. Originally coming to Daniel Island to look at an investment property, Meg and her husband Steve soon realized the magic of the location and decided to swap their Washington, DC style of living for the comforts and the rhythms of the Lowcountry. …Read More

This somewhat impulsive decision provided Meg with a unique philosophy about showcasing the Daniel Island community. “It’s not just about selling homes.  You must first introduce Daniel Island as small town, as a lifestyle, before helping people select the right home.” She attributes the town’s success and sound evolution to its award-winning master plan, which remains as relevant today as when it was first developed.

Asked to define the “Daniel Island lifestyle,” Meg says it is difficult to summarize in a few words. For her, its living minutes from her work, the spontaneous cookouts and friendly neighbors as well as the proximity of world-class restaurants, golf and tennis. Daniel Island offers a number of activities for the entire family to enjoy year-round, but is also close to the beaches and the airport. The island has a breadth of beauty that is easily explored via the extensive trail system that winds throughout.

Originally from Kingston, NY, Meg is a graduate of the University of Richmond and has experience in real estate development with the Marriott Corporation, as well as being a realtor in the DC/VA/MD market. Meg joined the Daniel Island Real Estate team in 2005 and has been consistently recognized as a Top Producer and Realtor of Distinction. She is very involved within the Charleston community through her volunteer work with the Carolina Youth Development Center, Women Making a Difference, and Mayor Riley’s leadership committee.

Her initial approach with clients is to let Daniel Island speak for itself, as this award-winning community does not need much trumpeting. She also realizes that buying real estate can be stressful, so she tries to lighten the mood and make it both pleasurable and rewarding. Her personality combined with her real estate skills makes it easy to work with her. Quick to smile and an intent listener, she enjoys the challenge of meeting her clients’ needs. Her affable yet business-like philosophy: “Different clients have different needs and outlooks. It’s my task to listen to what they want and then guide them seamlessly throughout the process.”

In short, Meg wants her clients to be as delighted with their decision to move to Daniel Island as she has been. “I love talking with a client about a year after moving to Daniel Island and see them smile and chuckle when I ask:  ‘Aren’t you glad you pulled the trigger to move here?’ Their smile alone invigorates me to go out and do it all over again for another family.” Visit Meg’s Daniel Island Blog to learn more!

Name: Meg Latour
Office Phone: (843) 856-1366
Mobile Phone: (843) 475-6007

Rick Adams

Rick Adams initially became aware of Daniel Island when he was working with a similar community in Chapel Hill, N.C. “When I first heard about Daniel Island, I instinctively knew it was going to be a great project. But when I first saw Daniel Island, I knew that I definitely wanted to be part of it.” …Read More

Rick is a big fan of Daniel Island’s waterways, whether cruising by boat around the island’s many tidal creeks or heading to some of Charleston’s waterfront restaurants. He is also an avid cyclist and thinks nothing of knocking off a 20-mile ride…20 miles each way! He and an informal group of like-minded cyclists get together as often as twice a week and average between 20 – 70 miles per ride. “We’re pretty serious, but we always welcome more riders,” he says.

When asked what he enjoys most about representing the community, Rick smiles. “You never know who will walk through the Daniel Island Real Estate doors,” he says. “People come from all over the country to see and experience this great community. They fit just about every demographic from singles to young families to retired executives, and all are reflected in the community’s
comfortable mix of homes. Daniel Island’s layout eliminates any sense of exclusivity, reinforcing its charming small town atmosphere and encouraging a friendly atmosphere.”

Name: Rick Adams
Office Phone: (843) 971-3510
Mobile Phone: (843) 367-8084

Bob Welsh

Born and raised in southern California, Bob Welsh attended San Jose State University before serving in the Navy for ten years as a naval aviator. Finding one of his passions in flying, he worked for Delta for 25 years before retiring in 2003.

 …Read More

“I was always interested in the real estate industry, and when I retired from Delta, I knew I wanted to get involved in some way,” recalls Bob. He connected with a friend in California and together they formed several real estate investment and construction enterprises in California, gaining years of experience buying and selling real estate.

Bob and his wife Mary decided to move to the Lowcountry to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren. “My son-in-law introduced us to Daniel Island,” says Bob. “We knew we wanted to be in Charleston, and we started looking at Kiawah and Seabrook but we wanted more than a part-time community. We wanted a place where we could really get involved.”

Since joining the Daniel Island Real Estate team, he has been a consistent multimillion dollar performer and is well versed in all the real estate opportunities on the island: resale properties, new construction and homesites. “If you are going to sell real estate in Charleston, Daniel Island is the premier place,” says Bob. “And Daniel Island Real Estate is the premier company selling it!”

Bob is also an active member of the Daniel Island community, an avid golfer and past president of the Daniel Island Rotary.



Name: Bob Welsh
Office Phone: (843) 471-1860
Mobile Phone: (843) 532-4480
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